1. Alino Monastery, St Saviour (17th century).

2. Bilintsi Monastery, St Michael (17th century).

3. Boboshevo Monastery, St Demetrius (15th century).

4. Dolna Beshovitsa Monastery, St Michael (14th century).

5. Dolni Pasarel Monastery, Sts Peter and Paul (19th century).

6. Eleshnitsa Monastery, Assumption of Mary (17th century).

7. Iliyantsi Monastery, St Elijah (17th century).

8. Iskrets Monastery, Assumption of Mary (17th century).

9. Ivanovo Rock Monastery, St Michael (14th century).

10. Karlukovo Monastery, Assumption of Mary (17th century).

11. Kladnitsa Monastery, St Nicholas (19th century).

12. Kremikovtsi Monastery, St George (17th century).

13. Kurilovo Monastery, St John of Rila (16th century).

14. Malo Malovo Monastery, St Nicholas (17th century).

15. Nedelishte Monastery, St Athanasius (19th century).

16. Podgumer Monastery, St Demetrius (16th century).

17. Preobrazhenie Monastery, Transfiguration (19th century).

18. Rakovitsa Monastery, Holy Trinity (19th century).

19. Seslavtsi Monastery, St Nicholas (17th century).

20. Strupets Monastery, St Elijah (17th century).

21. Teteven Monastery, St Elijah (19th century).

22. Church of the Nativity, Arbanasi (17th century).

23. Church of Sts Michael and Gabriel, Arbanasi (18th century).

24. Church of Sts Peter and Paul, Berende (14th century).

25. St Stephen’s Church, Nesebar (16th century).

26. St Petka’s Church, Radibosh (16th century).

27. Church of Sts Peter and Paul, Veliko Tarnovo (16th century).

The eleven monasteries in bold on this list are connected with the name and activity of St Pimen of Zograph (1540-1620), a native of Sofia. According to the life of this saint, at the age of fifty-five, he left Zograph Monastery on Mt Athos after St George appeared to him while he was at prayer and informed him that it was God’s will for him to return to his homeland and to become its spiritual shepherd. For a period of twenty-five years, he renovated and painted more than 300 churches and fifteen monasteries from Mt Athos to Sofia’s Little Holy Mountain (the area around the capital, Sofia, which is dotted with monasteries, many of which are included in this book), from the eparchies of Vidin and Dorostol to Lake Prespa.